Here are some reports of my trips to some distant places in Russia and other countries.
     I lived in a big city, studied, did some job, had a family.
     Once i knew i should go. I bought a sack, a pair of trekking shoes, bougt a ticket to Krasnoyarsk and closed the door of my flet.
     Russia has real wilderness. No guides, no police, no locals.
     You can walk several days and meet no one.
     If you walk high in the mountais there no bad people there - they simply can't get there.
     Important! This doesn't apply to Caucasian mountais, where you can be shot by anyone who has a gun, and everyone has a gun in the Caucasus.
     So don't try to visit Chechnya or any other neighbouring place there.
     Now i have light tent and some gadgets like Garmin GPS device or Kovea gas stove, so i can carry everuthing needed for a month autonomous trip.
     But don't think u can do this. Keep on living in your town, go to your job and watch TV - you'll never get to those places.

     This is my first trip to Ergaki a part of Sayany mountain region.
     This is my last trip to Tunkinskie Goltsy a mountain ridge near Baikal lake.
     See also my photos in Panoramio on the globe.

     Здесь некоторые описания моих станствий. Их недостаточно
     для планирования похода в те же места. Просто поделиться.
     На самом деле, незагаженных мест, где можно побывать - все меньше.
     В России природа уничтожается быстрее, чем в других местах.
     Поэтому, чем меньше людей туда доберется, тем лучше.
     Это места, где вы никогда не побываете.
     Это первый поход на Ергаки Западные Саяны.
     Это последний поход в Тункинских Гольцах Восточные Саяны у Байкала.
     Вот некоторые фото из всех походов в Panoramio и их можно видеть в Google Earth.

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